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Kirkland Deck Railing and Stairways

Deck Handrails and Railing Services in Kirkland

Deck Railings and Handrails in KirklandKirkland Deck Builders know the importance of ease of access and safety when it comes to your Kirkland deck. Our deck builders not only install durable railings and stairways, but also railings and stairs that flow with the theme of the deck. We have a few different types of varieties that we feel you will be pleased with. If you have custom features you would like to implement, then let us know. Here are some of the railing types that we can install onto your Kirkland deck:

Aluminum Railing

Let’s highlight some of the benefits to aluminum railing:

  • Long lasting and on the low side when it comes to maintenance
  • Withstands weather and is durable
  • Very easy to install
  • There is a variety of designs to choose from

Wood Railings

Here are some things to note when installing wood railing:

  • Has a natural and timeless look
  • More affordable than you might think
  • Wood needs regular upkeep

Cable Railing

Things to note when it comes to cable railing:

  • Thinner cables mean more of a view
  • Modern looking design
  • Very little maintenance

Glass Railing

Things to note for glass railing:

  • Durable glass almost for any conditions
  • Regular cleaning to keep glass looking clear
  • Unobstructed views

Straight Stairs

Obviously this is the most common set of stairs. Our Kirkland Deck Builders will make sure that they are secure and also in sync with the rest of the deck. We will make sure that you love walking up and down your new deck in Kirkland, WA.

Wrap-around Stairs

Some stairway situations call for a little extra attention. Our seasoned professional deck builders will make sure every detail of your wraparound stairs fits the look of your deck.

Our Kirkland team is waiting to help you design every aspect of your new deck. Give us a call at (425) 979-7040 and we will come give you a free onsite quote.