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Deck Repair services in Kirkland WAOne of the better investments you can make for the exterior of your home is building and the repair of a deck. Not just a good investment financially, but also a good investment in your own life. Sitting on your deck can be a way for you to unwind and enjoy life more. Having family and friends over for barbecue’s and entertainment is one of great American traditions you can enjoy your deck. Take advantage of those days while you can.

In order to maintain those gatherings and time alone, it’s important to ensure your deck is in great condition. Even though decks are built to withstand the extreme weather that comes our way from time to time, it’s not the extreme weather that usually wears out a deck. Sunlight exposure, rain, and regular use can add up over time. When your deck is damaged, it’s important to call professionals that can help you. Here at Kirkland Deck Builders, in Kirkland, WA, we can handle just about any problem that arises when it comes to deck repair. We have years of experience in deck installation repair services throughout the area. We offer many residential services such as deck building, arbor and pergola building, railing and stairway installation, as well as others. Call us at (425) 979-7040!

Fragile Posts

Immediate deck repair is necessary when your posts are weak or fragile. The reason for this is because part of the base structure is leaving your family or friends at risk of being injured. It’s highly recommended to regularly inspect your posts to make sure they are attached firmly to your deck. Another thing to check for is rotting wood, which can be caused by water damage or a lot of moisture accumulation. Give us a call if your deck is showing signs of damage or decay and we will come fix it right away.

Broken Deck Boards

Constant movement of deck boards can be pointed to lots of rain or moisture. The more water that hits the deck the more likely a deck board can break. The more movement the deck undergoes, the more susceptible the deck will become. Broken deck boards can cause injury. To avoid accidents, give us a call so Kirkland Deck Builders can repair or replace your deck. Experts recommend doing a full board replacement instead of repairing the broken board. Professional carpentry tools and skills are important to use when fixing your deck.

Termite Repair Problems

Termites can wreak havoc within your deck. The actually are enemy number 1! Since your deck is outside, your deck is prone to having to deal with me insect issues. If not dealt with quickly, they can destroy your deck. If you notice and insect problem at your home, then it would be a good idea to call a pest control service. After assessing the damage, if you deck needs repairs, then give us a call.

Bad Beams

It’s a good idea to check your beams for any water damage. It’s imperative that they be fastened firmly and should not be sagging. The smallest defect in a beam can leave you and your family in a dangerous position. You need to call us right away to make sure your deck is up to the proper standards.

Structural Weak Points

Maybe you moved into a new home with a deck? Do you wonder who built the deck? If there is a chance that the homeowner before you was an inexperienced deck builder, then it’s important to check underneath the deck. Make sure to see that the joist hangers, post connections, and ledger boards are all secure and finished. If you are questioning these structural points, then make sure to call us right away.

These issues are very common when it comes to decks. If you need to calls us to come and asses the problem and possibly fix it, then let us know. We have free estimates for all of our services. Contact Kirkland Deck Builders for all your needs at (425) 979-7040.