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Custom Pergola and Arbor builders in KirklandAre you in the market for a pergola, arbor, gazebo, or some other structure for your backyard in Kirkland, WA? Kirkland Deck contractors are committed to building quality outdoor living spaces for you and your family to enjoy. Our builders are professional and skilled, ready to take on your project.

When your looking to hire an experienced professional for your arbor, pergola, gazebo, or some other backyard structure, it’s important to know to have done your research on the company you’re about to work with. Our company is the top hardscape service in the Kirkland, WA area for the following reason:

The Reason We Are The Best Hardscape Service In The Kirkland Area

Kirkland Deck Builders is local to the Kirkland, WA area. We specialize in many outdoor hardscape and backyard structure services. These services are offered to homeowners residing in the Kirkland and surrounding area. We assist our customers with residential services that include deck building, deck railing, deck stairways, deck repair, arbors, pergolas, and more.

We have the arbor, pergola, and other outdoor structure services to complete your project on time and within your budget. Here are a couple more reasons why you should hire us for your arbor or pergola project:

Experienced Pergola Pros

Kirkland Deck Builders was started to help provide a quality hardscape service in the Kirkland, WA area. Our crews are experienced professionals not just in how they build decks, but also how they carry themselves. When it comes to Pergolas and Arbors, we make sure to find the right builder for the project. We also work the best materials and tools for all of our outdoor projects.

Affordable Prices

Although we have many services to offer, we realize that we need to stay within your budget amount we agree upon. We will do everything we can stay within budget and complete the work on time.

An outdoor space is defined by an arbor without being constrained by walls and roofs. With its unique architectural blend, you can experience both the inside and outside of the building at the same time. Pergolas served as walkway coverings or grape arbors in Italian Renaissance gardens, and are the perfect addition to any backyard landscaping project in Kirkland, WA. Today, the same design can be used to frame a pathway or define a focal point in your yard. Your pergola will also provide shade and color if you add climbing plants like wisteria or grapevines. Unlike attached pergolas, freestanding pergolas provide a seating area that allows for breezes and light sunlight while shielding you from harsh glare. Climbing plants benefit from pergolas as well.

Give us a call at (425) 979-7040 for your free quote. Let us help you discover the possibilities of your backyard structure. Find out why we’re the best outdoor hardscape service in Kirkland, WA!